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awards | fellowships

University of Cologne, Morphomata International Center for Advanced Studies (Käte Hamburger Center), Research Fellow of the ‘Biography/Life Writing and Portraiture as Figurations of the Particular’ Theme, 2018-19 (monthly stipend plus Falmouth University teaching replacement)

University of New South Wales, Centre for Modernism Studies in Australia, Postdoctoral Fellowship of Visual Culture & the Moving Image, 2015-17

Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts (SLSA) Travel Awards, 2012 and 2013


Brown University, Pembroke Center, Carol G. Lederer Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2012-13 (one of three postdoctoral fellowship recipients with Meredith Bak & Amber Musser)

University of Edinburgh, Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2010

University of Cambridge, Research and Travel Award, 2007 (£634)

University of Cambridge, Newnham College, Martland Fund/Research and Travel Award, 2006 (£750)

Society for Cinema and Media Studies Student Travel Grant (one of ten recipients, 135 international applicants), 2005 ($300 US)

University of Cambridge, Newnham College, Croasdale Fund, 2005

University of Cambridge, Newnham College, Marion Kennedy Continuing Research Studentship (one of two recipients), 2005 (£500)

University of Cambridge, Cambridge European Trust Long Vacation Scholarship, 2005 (£250)


University of Cambridge, Newnham College, Gamble Fund/Research and Travel Award, 2005 (£750)

University of Cambridge and Universities UK, Overseas Research Studentship Award Scheme Scholarship (one of 130+ nationwide recipients, 1,400 Cambridge University nominees), 2005 (£5,366 per annum X3)

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, Doctoral Award for international study, 2005 ($80,000 Canadian)

(declined) Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, Canadian Government Scholarship for Canadian study, 2005 ($105,000 Canadian)

University of Cambridge, Overseas and Commonwealth Trusts, Commonwealth Trust Bursary, 2004 (£4,000 per annum X4)

(declined) University of Warwick, North American Postgraduate Award, additional European Cinema PhD Program funding (one of four North American recipients), 2004 (£3,500)

York University Canada, Graduate Program in Film and Video, George Vari Graduate Award in Film and Video (sole recipient), 2003 ($2,500 Canadian)

York University Canada, Graduate Student Teaching Assistantship

University of Toronto, Cinema Studies, Innis College, Norman Jewison Annual Fellowship in Film Studies (sole recipient), 2002 ($10,000 Canadian)

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